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Writer. Lincolnshire. At times almost human.

“I wonder that so many people have written, who might have let it alone” (Dr. Johnson)

Yet here I find myself, going against the Grand Cham’s wondering disdain, adding to this scribbling multitude, inflicting opinions on those indulgent enough to listen. Still…

This is where the especially kindly or masochistic can find some old and new articles of mine, plus details of my books and occasional poems and photographs. I have written for all kinds of publications on topics ranging from arts and books to politics and topography. These include the Times, Sunday Telegraph, Daily Mail, Literary ReviewCountry Life, ChroniclesModern AgeUniversity Bookman, The LadyTaki’s Magazine, Spectator AustraliaspikedThis England and The European Journal. I am responsible for four novels – A Modern JourneyDisplacementSea Changes and a Y.A. story, Chronicles of the Coast. More books are in preparation. My chief areas of interest are English literature, British topography, European culture and history, folklore, and current affairs.

I lurk in one of the obscurer and earliest overcome Anglo-Saxon kingdoms, but you can unearth me by e-mailing kingdomoflindsey[at]gmail.com




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  1. Derek Turner

    Thanks, John (rather belatedly) – looking forward to when I can pluck up the energy to blog! But at least I have started to put some new articles up here to add to the older stuff…


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