Monday night

MONDAY NIGHT     The roundest moon was resting on our road, Making of the lane a silver stream – A chilly channel running from some Sea To carry its Tranquillity to me.   I waded in those waters ‘til it rose, Falling upwards, bringing its own blue. It shook itself untangled from the trees… Continue reading

Northern Soul

NORTHERN SOUL Ingmar Bergman’s 1957 The Seventh Seal has become so deeply ensconced in the cultural picture library that almost everyone hearing the title will conjure up instantly the film’s most memorable image – blanched-faced, black-cloaked Death playing chess with Antonius Block (Max von Sydow), a Swedish knight recently returned from the Crusades. At stake… Continue reading

Sent from Coventry

SENT FROM COVENTRY Fragments of angels, segments of saints, pieces of people, broken birds, refracted sunbeams, tumbled landscapes, jumbled inscriptions, unidentifiable blocks of time-worn colour—I looked for a long time at the medieval glass so carefully but meaninglessly re-set in Holy Trinity church beside the Cathedral at Coventry. These disjecta membra of former didactic decorations spoke… Continue reading

The Last Leopard – change and permanence in a haunted landscape

The Last Leopard – change and permanence in a haunted landscape The Last Leopard– A Life of Giovanni Tomasi di Lampedusa David Gilmour, Eland, London, 2007, pb, 27pps, £12.99 Giuseppe Tomasi di Lampedusa (1896-1957) was the last hereditary Prince of Lampedusa, a barren, seven-mile long island situated between Malta and the African coast but belonging… Continue reading