Cold constitutional

  COLD CONSTITUTIONAL   On the ice-edge of the hill Gazing down grateful from verge of valley, Coming in across country, a splinter of winter –   My feet hold fields. And today, I saw the sun so wonderfully die, The land turn black, crisp cutout trees clutching stricken stars,   My Ordnance Survey filled… Continue reading

Roy Kerridge and the relative merits of Marxism

ROY KERRIDGE AND THE RELATIVE MERITS OF MARXISM Triumphs of Communism, Roy Kerridge, Custom Books, 2010 All novels are semi-autobiographical, although novelists will often demur and claim their characters are composites. But Roy Kerridge is unapologetic about plucking real people from his family’s past and serving them up for public degustation, with only the most… Continue reading

An anti-Pilgrim’s Progress

AN ANTI-PILGRIM’S PROGRESS The Columbine Pilgrim Andy Nowicki, Counter Currents, San Francisco, 2011, pb, 107pps Andy Nowicki is a self- described “dissident reactionary malcontent” Catholic – and his second novel is an eloquent and original examination of the enduring effects of the 1999 Columbine High School massacre. The excellently-delineated and aptly named Tony Meander is… Continue reading

John Wheeler-Bennett – high-carb historian

JOHN WHEELER-BENNETT – HIGH-CARB HISTORIAN Witness to History: The Life of John Wheeler-Bennett Victoria Schofield, New Haven: Yale University Press 346 pp., $50 Yale University Press promises that Witness to History “will fascinate anyone interested in the great political figures of world history during the twentieth century.” On this book’s back cover, Alistair Horne hails John… Continue reading