Reconnecting with Cavafy

RECONNECTING WITH CAVAFY Shades of Love – Photographs Inspired by the Poems of C. P. Cavafy Dimitris Yeros, poems translated by David Connolly, Insight Editions, San Francisco, 2010, 165 pps, $75 Your nightingales, your songs, are living still And them the death that clutches all things cannot kill.(Callimachus) This volume landed in my postbox burdened… Continue reading

The tide-watchers

  THE TIDE-WATCHERS   At the end of a sand-heaped lane A scene from Rembrandt – Worried lights clustered against hugeness; Lowlit men appraise an upraised ocean Boiling where a beach should be. Quiet speaking on a universal plain As wind blows the buckthorn flat and The blackest of black cattle stand against stars Behind… Continue reading