My latest article for Chronicles

Identity and Appearances, my latest article for the marvellous Chronicles, is now on-line – although I believe not for very long, unless you are a subscriber (which if you aren’t you ought to be).

John Aubrey – remembrancer, Romantic and forward-thinker

JOHN AUBREY – REMEMBRANCER, ROMANTIC AND FORWARD-THINKER John Aubrey, My Own Life Ruth Scurr, London: Chatto & Windus, 2015, hb., 518pp, £25 Just as English painting is renowned for portraiture, so English letters have been illuminated by some of the greatest biographers ever to burnish world literature. After Boswell, the best-known is John Aubrey (1626-1697),… Continue reading

Ilana Mercer gives Sea Changes a boost

The highly regarded libertarian columnist, and all-round good egg, Ilana Mercer, who provided a brilliant endorsement for Sea Changes, has just given it another helpful boost on her blog. Thanks, Ilana!