A watch in the Middle Marches

A WATCH IN THE MIDDLE MARCHES “O, the wild hills of Wales, the land of old renown, and of wonder” George Borrow, Wild Wales I step silent across the flagged floor below weathered slates and beams, sleep-held family breathing behind, the only other sounds the scratching of terriers’ claws as they push past into rain-remembering… Continue reading

“Pity poor Bradford”

“PITY POOR BRADFORD” Bolling Hall has squatted on its plot since the fourteenth century, hunched against the wind and rain of the West Riding – a North Country architectural essay in dark yellow sandstone looking warily down a steep hillside onto Bradford’s vale. Old though the building is, the estate’s foundations go deeper than Domesday,… Continue reading

Rise of the Dominatrix – review of Margaret Thatcher: Not for Turning by Charles Moore

Rise of the Dominatrix Margaret Thatcher: Not for Turning Charles Moore, London: Allen Lane, 2013, 859pp When Margaret Thatcher died last April, the obsequies were at times almost drowned by vitriolic voices celebrating her demise. There were howls of joy from old enemies, street parties, and a puerile campaign to make the Wizard of Oz… Continue reading