Time Song by Julia Blackburn

DOGGERLAND DREAMTIME Time Song, Julia Blackburn, Vintage, £25 Something in East Anglia encourages spectral visions, deep thoughts about time. The 14th-century seer Julian of Norwich dreamed of submarine realms, going …downe into the see-ground, and there I saw hill and dalis green, semand as it were moss-begrowne, with wrekke and gravel. In 1658, Sir Thomas Browne published… Continue reading

Museum of Lost Art by Noah Charney

MISSING MASTERPIECES The Museum of Lost Art, Noah Charney, Phaidon; £19.95 If art is largely illusion, as the theorists claim, then how much more illusionary is art that no longer exists? Extant artworks elicit complex considerations of perspective, proportion, reality and temporality—yet, strangely, so can extinct or missing ones, their absence a presence, a virtual reality Kunstkammer… Continue reading

Animal: Exploring the Zoological World – introduction by James Hanken

 A TWENTY-FIRST CENTURY BESTIARY Animal: Exploring the Zoological World Introduction by James Hanken, London: Phaidon, 2018, hb., 352 pages, £39.95 Any volume examining ‘humankind’s fascination with animals’ can only hope to be a conspectus, but Animal is unusually ambitious and thoughtful, handsomely produced and with an introduction by a Harvard zoologist. It ranges far and… Continue reading