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“I wonder that so many people have written, who might have let it alone” (Dr. Johnson)

This is where the kind or masochistically-inclined can find some of my articles, plus details of my too few books. I have written on subjects ranging from arts and books to politics and topography, for the Times, Sunday Telegraph, EconomistDaily Mail, SpectatorLiterary Review, Irish TimesCountry Life, New Welsh ReviewChroniclesModern AgeUniversity Bookman, The LadySpectator Australia, Quadrant, Spiked and others. I also take the blame for three novels – A Modern JourneyDisplacementSea Changes, with another in search of a publisher. My chief areas of interest are English literature, British topography, European culture and history, folklore, and current affairs.

I lurk in what was one of the obscurest and smallest Anglo-Saxon kingdoms, but can often be run to earth at kingdomoflindsey[at]gmail.com

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  1. allan pond

    good to see this Derek, i’ll investigate further when i’ve more time on the pc. at present i’m having a digital love affair with Titania Mcgrath.


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