Scribbler. Lincolnshire

“I wonder that so many people have written, who might have let it alone” (Dr. Johnson)

This is where the kind or masochistic can find a few of my articles, plus details of my books. I have written on subjects ranging from arts to topography, for journals including the Times, Sunday Telegraph, EconomistDaily Mail, SpectatorLiterary Review, Irish TimesCountry Life, New Welsh ReviewChronicles, American Conservative, Modern AgeUniversity Bookman, The Agonist, The LadySpectator Australia, Quadrant and Spiked. I accept blame for several novels – A Modern JourneyDisplacementSea Changes, with more aborning. A first non-fiction book, about Lincolnshire, is coming out shortly. My main areas of interest are English literature, British topography, European culture and history, ecology, folklore, and politics.

I also edit The Brazen Head – www.brazen-head.org – an online quarterly of culture and current affairs.

I lurk in one of the obscurest of the old Anglo-Saxon kingdoms, but can be run to earth at editor[a]brazen-head.org

I’m on Twitter too – @DerekTurner1964

My Amazon author page

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  1. allan pond

    good to see this Derek, i’ll investigate further when i’ve more time on the pc. at present i’m having a digital love affair with Titania Mcgrath.

  2. Dianne Williams

    How I love the self-deprecator!
    I look forward to reading more from your pen (metaphorically speaking, of course).

  3. Paul Armstrong

    Glad to find your site. Miss the old “Right Now!” days. Sad to see Allan Robertson is no longer with us.

  4. Steve Moxon

    Just now looked you up to see what you’re up to, and I see you’re putting out novels.
    * Would still be chuffed to meet up again some time! — am now living out in the sticks (scenic very hilly Yorkshire gritstone land with lots of tress) having taken over the family home. You’d be welcome to visit / stay.

    1. derek

      That would be great, Steve. As soon as the current nonsense is over (assuming we survive, of course!) we’ll sort out a state visitation. There haven’t been any novels recently, but one’s with my agent, and another’s nearing completion. I look forward to hearing what you’re doing. Send a message via Facebook

  5. Vlad


    Where can I find old copies of the Right Now! magazine?

    Hoping that Derek sees this message.




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