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A Man of Heart by Liam Guilar

Shadowlands by Matthew Green

Prophets of Doom by Neema Parvini

 Regency Rogue by Patrick Myler

Colonialism: A Moral Reckoning by Nigel Biggar

Spare by Prince Harry

Memoirs of Prince Alexey Haimatoff by Thomas Jefferson Hogg

The Britannias: An Archipelago’s Tale by Alice Albinia

In the Shadow of the Gods by Dominic Lieven

Obedience is Freedom by Jacob Phillips

Sunken Island, various contributors

Arctic Elegies by Peter Davidson

Nightwalking by John Lewis-Stempel

George III by Andrew Roberts

Field Notes by Maxim Peter Griffin

Artivism by Alexander Adams

After/Apres Francis Bacon by Alexander Adams

Islands of Abandonment by Cal Flyn

Vesper Flights by Helen Macdonald

The Anglo-Saxons – A History of the Beginnings of England by Marc Morris

Pessoa – An Experimental Life by Richard Zenith

Index, a History of the by Dennis Duncan

History of the Adriatic by Egidio Ivetic

The Ship Asunder by Tom Nancollas

Winds of Change: Britain in the Early Sixties by Peter Hennessy

The Madman’s Library by Edward Brooke-Hitching

The Man Who Conned the World: Victor Lustig by Christopher Sandford

Britain at Bay by Alan Allport

Iconoclasm: Identity Politics and the Erasure of History by Alexander Adams

The Worlds of J R R Tolkien by John Garth

Phantom Islands by Dirk Liesemer

Antarctic Atlas by Peter Fretwell and Strata – William Smith’s Geological Maps

Say Nothing by Patrick Radden Keefe

A Small Farm Future by Chris Smaje

10,000 Not Out – The History of the Spectator 1828-2020 by David Butterfield

Humankind by Rutger Bregman

Conquistadores – A New History by Fernando Cervantes

Bringing Back the Beaver by Derek Gow

The Shortest Way With Defoe by Michael B. Prince

Small Men on the Wrong Side of History by Ed West

Thanks a Lot Mr Kibblewhite by Roger Daltrey

Wagner’s Parsifal – The Music of Redemption by Roger Scruton

The Dominant Animal by Kathryn Scanlan

War for Eternity – Inside Steve Bannon’s Far-Right Circle of Global Power Brokers by Benjamin R. Teitelbaum

The History of the Bible by John Barton

Losing Eden by Lucy Jones

Rivers of Power by Laurence C Smith

Spitalfields by Dan Cruickshank

Lampedusa by Steven Price

King and Emperor – A New Life of Charlemagne by Janet L Nelson

The Unsettling of Europe by Peter Gatrell

The Animal’s Companion by Jackie Colliss Harvey

Europe: An Ecological History by Tim Flannery

The Boundless Sea by David Abulafia

Down in the Valley: A Writer’s Landscape by Laurie Lee

Hollow Places by Christopher Hadley

King of the World by Philip Mansel

Ghostland by Edward Parnell

Mudlarking by Lara Maiklem

The Way to the Sea by Caroline Crampton and The Frayed Atlantic Edge by David Gange

The Fens by Francis Pryor

Living With Leviathan by Doug Bock Clark

The Adventures of Simplicius Simplicissimus by Hans Jakob Christoffel von Grimmelshausen

Time Song by Julia Blackburn

Museum of Lost Art by Noah Charney

Animal: Exploring the Zoological World (introduction by James Hanken

The Secret Lives of Colour by Kassia St Clair

Beauty by Stefan Sagmeister and Jessica Walsh

In Pursuit of Civility by Keith Thomas

Little Demon by Michael Wilding

Anthony Powell: Dancing to the Music of Time by Hilary Spurling

The Conservatives – A History by Robin Harris

Enoch at 100, edited by Greville Howard

Union Jack: John F. Kennedy’s Special Relationship With Great Britain by Christopher Sandford

First Lady -The Life and Wars of Clementine Churchill by Sonia Purnell, and No More Champagne – Churchill and his Money by David Lough

The Bad Boys of Brexit by Arron Banks

Collecting the World – The Life and Curiosity of Hans Sloane by James Delbourgo

George Borrow’s Second Tour of Wales in 1857

Tale of Tales by Giambattista Basile

Growing Wild by Michael Wilding

The Dance of Death by Hans Holbein

In the Valley of the Weed by Michael Wilding

Dublin Seven by Frankie Gaffney

John Aubrey – My Own Life by Ruth Scurr

The Plague Dogs by Richard Adams

The Island – London Mapped by Stephen Walter

Dimitris Yeros photographing Gabriel Garcia Marquez by Dimitris Yeros

The Edge of the World – How the North Sea Made Us Who We Are by Michael Pye

The Broken Road by Patrick Leigh Fermor

In Tearing Haste by Patrick Leigh Fermor and Deborah Devonshire

The Story of England by Michael Wood

Morning Crafts by Tito Perdue

Landmarks by Robert Macfarlane

Meadowlands by John Lewis-Stempel

Pocket Atlas of Fifty Remote Islands I Have Not Visited and Never Will by Judith Schalansky

Margaret Thatcher – Everything She Wants by Charles Moore

Margaret Thatcher: Not for Turning by Charles Moore

Patrick Leigh Fermor: An Adventure by Artemis Cooper

Vanished Kingdoms: The History of Half-forgotten Europe by Norman Davies

Shades of Love – Photographs Inspired by the Poems of Cavafy by Dimitris Yeros

Richmal Crompton’s William stories

Smile or Die by Barbara Ehrenreich

Our Times by A. N. Wilson

The Story of England by Michael Wood

Winston’s War by Max Hastings

Hakluyt’s Voyages

Letters from London and Europe by Giuseppe Tomasi di Lampedusa

The Last Leopard – A Life of Giuseppe Tomasi di Lampedusa by David Gilmour

Giuseppe Tomasi di Lampedusa – A Biography Through Images by Gioacchino Lanza Tomasi

The Diary of a Nobody by George and Weedon Grossmith

A Dance to the Music of Time by Anthony Powell

John Wheeler-Bennett: Witness to History by Victoria Schofield

The Columbine Pilgrim by Andy Nowicki

The Triumphs of Communism by Roy Kerridge

Film reviews


The Wicker Man

Apocalypse Now

Les Visiteurs

The Seventh Seal


Man of Aran

The Field

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