A Modern Journey

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The latest novel by Derek Turner

A Modern Journey is a comedy of modern Irish manners. 23 year old misfit Ambrose has an otherworldly encounter, and becomes convinced he has a mission to re-convert a secularizing Ireland to his own bizarre religion. His quest brings him into confused, comical and calamitous contact with believers and unbelievers – prelates, socialites, New Age healers, ultra-nationalists, leftist chat-show hosts, and Travellers. His appearance, gaucherie and naivety, plus a theology blended from medieval Christianity, fantasy novels and computer games, invite ridicule and hatred – but he also finds devotees, and in a strange way changes history

Catholic conservatives and modernizers, disillusioned nuns, glamorous socialites, ultra-nationalists, leftist chat-show hosts, sleazy New Age healers, pious Travellers – what’s not to like in such an irresistible mix!”

Ruth Dudley Edwards, author of James Connolly, The Faithful Tribe, and Patrick Pearse: The Triumph of Failure

Finely written, deft characterization, funny, compulsive…Turner’s concerns are philosophical and portentous, in the European tradition of social movement and ideas, yet he cloaks this evisceration of a corner of our contemporary world in adept drollery. A comic tour de force of import, Joycean in its magnificent flow.”

Stoddard Martin, author of Wagner to the Waste Land, and Orthodox Heresy

A richly textured comic masterpiece that manages to satirize the post-Christian West while telling a tale of a prophet as improbable as Savonarola. Derek Turner pulls no punches as he takes us on his magic carpet ride through the Irish landscape and into the hearts of people who can believe in anything – hip Catholic gurus, crystals, dream-catchers, everything but the old-time religion.  This novel, which should be shelved somewhere between A Confederacy of Dunces and the Life of Apollonius of Tyana, has something to offend every postmodern sensibility.”

Dr. Thomas Fleming, author of The Politics of Human Nature, and The Morality of Everyday Life

Turner does a superb job in bringing modern Ireland – and especially modern Dublin – to life… absorbing, original and thoughtful”

Edward Dutton, Quadrapheme.com

“Turner is an outstanding wordsmith…a highly recommended read that paints modern Dublin in an interesting light and will give you ideas to play with”

James ConnorConnorpost.com

“Funny, moving, and tragic…Derek Turner has established himself as a writer worthy of serious readers’ attention.”

Wayne Allensworth, Chronicles


A Modern Journey

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