First review of Displacement, and an interview with Barney Campbell

The first review of Displacement has just been published by Quadrapheme, written by the inestimable Barney Campbell. My thanks to Barney Campbell for his insight and generosity, both in his review and in this interview, which appeared the previous day.  

Star Wars, star wares – review of How Star Wars Conquered the Universe by Chris Taylor

Star Wars, star wares How Star Wars Conquered the Universe Chris Taylor, London: Head of Zeus, 2015 In 1977, like millions of other prepubescents, I trooped excitedly along to a cinema to see the first instalment of Star Wars. I was twelve, anxious about acne, fond of sci-fi comics, and sick with ruthless fantasies about remaking… Continue reading

New light on the magical realist – review of Dimitris Yeros Photographing Gabriel Garcia Marquez

  NEW LIGHTS ON THE MAGICAL REALIST Dimitris Yeros photographing Gabriel García Márquez Dimitris Yeros, foreword by Edward Lucie-Smith, Bielefeld: Kerber, 2015, 136pps., 36 Euros, Dimitris Yeros is a justly celebrated photographer and artist based in Athens. Edward Lucie-Smith is a highly-regarded poet and the author of authoritative art histories. And Gabriel García Márquez… Continue reading

The glossarian as moralist – review of Landmarks by Robert Macfarlane

THE GLOSSARIAN AS MORALIST Landmarks, Robert Macfarlane, London: Hamish Hamilton, 2015, 387pps, hb, £20 Robert Macfarlane is one of the most lionized of contemporary British writers, somehow combining a Cambridge career with producing a celebrated sequence of unusually literate explorations of landscape. First was 2003’s Mountains of the Mind, about Occidental attitudes towards high places… Continue reading

Too quiet flows the Don

TOO QUIET FLOWS THE DON The stone head from the Iron Age glowers out of its glass case as if outraged by the indignity of imprisonment, its relegation from totem to tourist attraction. Not that there are ever many tourists in Doncaster Museum, especially on a unseasonably warm day when the sun-punished town seems full… Continue reading