Dr. Johnson in Scotland – An Englishman in his Near Abroad

DR. JOHNSON IN SCOTLAND –  AN ENGLISHMAN IN HIS NEAR ABROAD Samuel Johnson was nearly sixty-four when he made an unexpected journey. One day in 1773, the internationally-renowned lexicographer, essayist, poet, and novelist, who somehow combined being one of the great thinkers of Europe with being a personification of bluff Englishness, suddenly switched his great… Continue reading

New review of Displacement, by poet Liam Guitar

The June issue of Chronicles contains a top-notch review of Displacement, by the poet Liam Guitar (whose Anhaga is just out, and highly recommended). Liam says, “Turner’s descriptions of London are one of the highlights…The city becomes a character: old, vibrant, curled along its river, evoked in swift effective sentences creating precise and memorable images. The prose… Continue reading

Too quiet flows the Don

TOO QUIET FLOWS THE DON The stone head from the Iron Age glowers out of its glass case as if outraged by the indignity of imprisonment, its relegation from totem to tourist attraction. Not that there are ever many tourists in Doncaster Museum, especially on a unseasonably warm day when the sun-punished town seems full… Continue reading

Rise of the Dominatrix – review of Margaret Thatcher: Not for Turning by Charles Moore

RISE OF THE DOMINATRIX Margaret Thatcher: Not for Turning Charles Moore, London: Allen Lane, 2013, 859pp When Margaret Thatcher died last April, the obsequies were at times almost drowned by vitriolic voices celebrating her demise. There were howls of joy from old enemies, street parties, and a puerile campaign to make the Wizard of Oz… Continue reading

Borderline personality disorder – a review of The Education of Hector Villa

BORDERLINE PERSONALITY DISORDER “Roads fade out before you reach the line, And the signposts disappear” Jimmie Dale Gilmore, Borderland The Education of Hector Villa Chilton Williamson, Jr., Rockford, Illinois: Chronicles Press, 2012, pb. 208 Native New Yorker Chilton Williamson, Jr. has an impressive pedigree as conservative intellectual, as former history editor for St. Martin’s Press,… Continue reading