Enlightenments – Little Demon by Michael Wilding

ENLIGHTENMENTS Little Demon, Michael Wilding, Melbourne: Arcadia, 2018, 260 pages, $29.95 Captain Cook named Cape Byron for ‘Foul-Weather Jack’ Byron, the adventuring Vice-Admiral who sailed past the easternmost point of the Southern Land in 1764, part of that endless English outpouring that shaped today’s topography. The weatherbeaten Enlightenment navigator, for whom beaches were only important… Continue reading

Michael Wilding’s Spiked review of Displacement

MICHAEL WILDING’S SPIKED REVIEW OF DISPLACEMENT Very pleased to say that the renowned Australian writer Michael Wilding has reviewed Displacement handsomely for Spiked. Here’s the link – http://www.spiked-online.com/spiked-review/article/the-loneliness-of-the-high-rise-free-runner/20005#.WVmAJjOZNok And here’s the text. Thanks, Michael. The loneliness of the long distance free-runner Through all the formal variations of the English novel, one theme recurs: the two nations. The huge… Continue reading

Growing Wild by Michael Wilding

Class-Observation Growing Wild, Michael Wilding, 2016, Melbourne: Arcadia, pb., 302pp., Aus$39.95 A hoicked-up small boy sits astride a yoked-up heavy horse, while three sun-stained men smile at posterity. Hairy hooves press good grass, lush trees shade old ridges, and though the cover is black-and-white we feel the burden of that 1940s sun, the texture of… Continue reading

Into the valley – Michael Wilding’s In the Valley of the Weed

Into the Valley In the Valley of the Weed, Michael Wilding, Melbourne: Arcadia, 2016, $29.95 “Old radicals become quietist” a character in Valley of the Weed tells Plant, the appropriately-named private detective investigating the disappearance of a high-profile academic. “They stop socialising. Stay at home and surrender to the comforting millenarian conviction that change will… Continue reading